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4M Painting & Coatings has over 26 years or

Residential and Commercial painting experience



This company was started because we wanted to give the customer a better experience with a professional painting company. Restoration is our passion. Whether it’s adding the owner’s personal touch to a house or bringing charm to a new home, we always enjoy the painting experience. The completion of each job is a reflection of who we are as professional painters.  We learned a long time ago, when we first started painting that quality is better than quantity. A seasoned painter trained us that in order to keep a customer you must impress them with your care and attention to detail. We always strive to do the best job we can. We believe that every customer should get a good days work for their dollar. We will deliver prompt, clean and trustworthy service. We believe that trust is earned and without it the customer will not be satisfied. We would like to have repeat work from our customers not because we failed them the first time – but because of the exceptional work that was performed. Our family business is operated with the idea that if the customer is happy with your work they will recommend our services to others – that kind of advertising cannot be bought. Customer satisfaction is our goal.

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